Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Studio shoot - what is that?

We were taken into a photographic studio today by Kati and Miles! They wanted us to put some strange things on our heads et cetera, and expected us to stay put in front of some really bright flashy lights. Well, really, I wouldn't have it. Long story short: here's Kati's blog about it.

And here is the photo that she is using for her Mythmas cards, apparently!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Hey, there's more of that white stuff on the ground now! And you know what? You can hardly see me when I'm running on it! Well, apart from my brown bits. And tongue ;p

Zebedee sometimes chases me when we are out and tries to bully me. His doing it in this photo.

But he can't always catch me any more! I can run so fast now!

There are a lot less smells when the ground is covered in snow. Luckily there are still smells near trees, though.

Snow or not, it's still so much fun to run free. We went for a long walk in the woods in Stanmer Park today.

And we were asked to stop for a photo... as if they hadn't taken enough photos of us...

Snow means less smells, but it's still fun to run around outside. Wish we were allowed to be out exploring more! I'm getting a little restless spending so much time indoors nowadays. I could easily run around for hours!