Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Busy busy busy!

Wow, today was full on! So much happened. First, we all went to a big park for a walk. I'm not allowed to get too much exercise (because I'm growing so fast at the moment and too much exercise might damage my joints), so we walked into the woods first...

...and then returned to a grass area pretty quickly afterwards.

I loved running around free.

Later I saw in the photos that my face looks pretty funny when I run.

See what I mean? I don't usually look like this:

Or this:

Or even this! Actually, in this photo, you can see very clearly how much my nose has changed colour. There's hardly any pink left, now.
(Compare it to this one Kati took just over a month ago.)

When we got back from Stanmer Park, our neighbours were just about to go out.

Seeing as there were three different sizes of dogs present, my photographer (Kati) decided to line us all up.

And here is the result! (She had to clone Miles out of the photo, though.)

After which, Cerberus went back into his house... only to surprise Zebedee moments later with an impromptu flying exit!

A little later on, it was time to go to my second puppy party at the vet's. Our people were asked to handle us again.

It got quite boring pretty quickly so I just laid down and watched others.

Kath (the behaviourist) used me again to demonstrate something.

This time it was to show that our people should do some short handling exercises during our walks, too. Just casually call us back and then have a look at our ears and such. I guess it'd be handy if we had grass or something stuck in our ears or somewhere else and they'd be able to take things off our fur without us freaking out or anything.

Do you remember The Gorgeous Golden Labrador from last week? Well, I do. She wasn't paying much attention to me, I thought, so I adopted a new method. Since subtle doesn't work with her, I thought I'd draw her attention to me - quite literally - with the help of her lead.

Surely she can't ignore me now.

There! Yes! She noticed me!

But hang on a minute, now she's pulling her own lead away from me! No! I didn't mean to start a game of tug-of-war....!

I meant, just... get... closer... to... me, OK?

And then... she did... and when she did, I got very shy all of a sudden!

Isn't she lovely, though? Her name is Ellie.

Anyway... Kath told our people a lot of things about us. Like that we aren't really deaf if we don't seem to hear some things they say to us. Oh, no... she revealed our secret! Still, I guess it's good that she told them, as I sure wouldn't want to be shouted at just because an ignorant person didn't understand that we can hear very, very well indeed - we just choose to act as we didn't when we feel like doing something else than what our people ask us to. I much prefer that my people do something else instead of shouting; like, offer me yummy treats for doing what they want me to do.

We did some socialising again at the party... all of us getting to know each other a little better.

Ellie is my favourite, though.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Meaning: today is the first day I'm allowed on the ground! First, Miles took me for a walk to the pillar box at the end of our street.

Was I ready to go out? Try and stop me!

Walking on the lead took some getting use to, though.

That's it, I'm almost there... just checking out what else there is to see around here...

On the way back I started to get hang of it.

Takes some concentration...

Add a little speed...

And that's it! I've mastered it!

That wasn't all, though. Later on Miles, Kati and Saana - Kati's niece who is visiting from Finland - dragged me into a forest!

A little awkward at first again...

...but as we got out in the open again, it was a lot easier.

I was let loose, and Miles ran away from me calling my name. I followed.

Miles gave me some treats.

And then he ran again. Weird! But kind of fun.

I guess it's some kind of game. Well, whatever, I'm game - especially as I get a lot of treats!

Miles and Saana started another game with me by sitting away from each other and calling me each in turn.

Every time I ran from one to another when they called me, I got a yummy piece of chicken!

I think it was great fun to be able to run around in a big space.

Soon they put me back on the lead, though, and it was time to go home. I was quite tired, so that was fine by me.

And you know what - I slept well after all that! What a day!