Saturday, 10 July 2010

High up

This evening Kati and Saana took me and Zebedee to Newhaven to see the sunset from Castle Hill.

There was lots of new stuff to see and sniff there.

I ran higher up the hill...

...until I came across a sudden drop.

Kati called me to stop there.

I wanted to have another look, though. I could see the sea from there!

We were high up on a cliff next to the sea. Then Saana called me and said that she had a treat for me.

..but when she said she'd show me where the treat is, there was nothing on her hand!

I don't know what she was playing at, so I thought I'd run along.

Every now and then Kati called me...

...and I ran back to her to get a yummy treat.

Here's Saana, chimping.

We stayed on the cliff top for quite a while because - apparently - there was an interesting fog phenomenon over the sea. Kati will write a blog post about it in her own blog soon. Anyway, this is how the sunset looked.

...and later on, this is how it looked once the fog had reached us!

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