Saturday, 6 November 2010

They are back!

I have some back log of blogging to do, but I'll post this first:

Zebedee and I have stayed with a different family for the past four weeks. It's been fine... I was just a bit surprised at first that I was in a new place and new people all of a sudden, like when I was moved from my mum and siblings to Kati and Miles's place a few months ago.

To be honest, Zebedee took a lot longer than me to get used to the new place. He was restless for a few days, whereas I just thought, "well - OK - I'm here now". We had visited this house once before, after all. I guess Kati and Miles wanted to check with the people that it was OK for us to stay there.

We had fun with the people... in fact, I got quite into watching Formula 1 on TV with them. The sound and the cars whizzing by... it's compelling to watch! The only bad thing is that when we went out for a walk, we were not allowed to run around free in the woods at all! They kept us on a lead all the time. That was really not funny at all. I felt compelled to pull as much as I could and it got so bad that I had sores in the places where my harness rubbed against my skin. So the sores on my neck were healing, but I got new ones from pulling on the lead. But I couldn't help myself!

But enough about that - today Kati and Miles came back! Zebedee went completely bonkers when they arrived: he was completely beside himself, jumping and swirling and wagging his tail like it was about to take off. I was happy to see them, too, of course. But I'm happy to see anyone any time.

First thing we did together is to go to Stanmer Park in Brighton, and we got to run free!

Oooooh, we were both so happy!

We were all happy, in fact! Kati and Miles kept laughing and calling us back every now and then. Petting and telling us how good we are. And Kati, being a photographer, went on about "how beautiful it is"...

Yeah, OK - but back to us. Beautiful or not, I loved running around in Stanmer Park again!

Zebedee has taught me a trick for when you get thirsty in the forest: there is always water between the roots of big trees. Here Zebedee is drinking from one of those "water bowls". Well, you can only see his bum, really.

And here's me - thirsty - looking for another one. ;-)

It's great to be able to take walks in the woods again, run free, sniff all the smells and go grazy.

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