Tuesday, 30 November 2010

White stuff in our garden

I have been playing (=play fighting, wrestling) with Zebedee most of the evening. It's been great fun! I don't know why Kati and Miles keep telling us to calm down and be quiet every now and then. Anyway, we decided to go and play upstairs in the bedroom so that we wouldn't be disturbed by them. After a while we hear this "Tigger! Come! Come and have a look at this! TIGGER! Zebedee! Do you want to go out! Come! Let's go out!" Well, we would have liked to, but the bedroom door was closed! We hadn't noticed that we'd closed the door by mistake while we were playing. And Kati kept shouting "Tigger, come! Zebedee, come, let's go out!" As if we could!

Well, luckily, Miles came over and realised that we were stuck behind a closed door, and let us out. So Kati leads us out in the garden looking so excited and Miles looks so excited, too, and - well, what on earth are they on about? It was just cold like it has been for a few days now.

Is it this white stuff they are so excited about?

Well it doesn't smell of anything interesting and it's just cold. People make a fuss about the weirdest things!

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  1. Moikka!
    Pahoin pelkään että mun eka kommentti ei tullut perille..kone tilttasi samalla hetkellä kun annoin sille lähtöluvan. Härveli piti sammuttaa ja aukaista uudestaan, grrrr!
    Mutta olen samaa mielta kanssanne, mitäpä tuon valkoisen aineen takia suotta hössöttämään :)))
    Täällä Suomessa sitä on varmasti kohta liikaa, kuten viime talvena ja koirista näkyy vain vahän korvannipukkaa kun pohraavat lumessa:))

    Rapsutuksin Marja K