Thursday, 27 May 2010

First night and first day in my new home

Do you want to see where I slept last night? Yes? OK, this is my bedroom:

This photo was taken this morning in bright light, but in the evening it was nice and dark. I like the bed these people have given me, so last night I just went to have a sleep in it after I'd been inside the crate a few times just to check it out. It was OK. But you know what? All of a sudden they closed the gate! I didn't know that I had to stay IN there, so I yelped a few times... but honestly, I was so tired from all the things that had happened during the evening that I just wanted to sleep.

I tell you what, though... Zebedee was going crazy last night; he sat next to my crate and made these weird noises, like muffled woofs. I guess he wanted to play with me or nibble me or something, but he wouldn't let it go... he went on for so long that my people had to tell him many times to be quiet. At the end he gave up and went to sleep, I guess. That's his bed next to my crate, by the way.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and cried a little. Zebedee came over to lie down next to my crate, and after a while I went back to sleep again... until 7:30 when the radio came on and I didn't want to be in my crate alone any more. I started making noises in hope of the people letting me out. I had to do that for a while, I tell you. When I finally got thoroughly fed up and gave up for a while, they came and opened the gate of my crate and took me downstairs. It was nice to see them again and nice to be talked to and to be held again.

So, the day started with some food and play and toilet etc. I spent some time in a play pen while my people worked at home. These people don't let Zebedee be with me all the time because, apparently, if I spend most of my time with another dog, then I won't create a strong bond with people as I grow up. I guess it might be true. I tell you what, though, Zebedee isn't happy with this line of thinking at all. He doesn't seem to get enough of me! When they did finally let Z come to the same room with me, he instantly wanted to enter my play pen! (I'm asleep here in my bed - you can just see my nose poking out above the side of it).

He was told not to, of course!

Yet, look at him! I'm fast asleep, and he's stalking me just behind the bars.

And here, almost like he's proudly guarding me!

Here's an aerial view of me sleeping in my play pen.

Oh, and a close-up of my nose. It's quite extraordinary, isn't it? (These people take a lot of photos, eh? Especially her.)

I became a bit more familiar with Zebedee today.

Oh and this thing that I'm playing with here is what they call "the puppy bag". They will take me out into the big world in it in a few days, I hear!

I love to play and explore, but of course I can't stay awake for long at any given time. Half an hour's worth of activity and I fall asleep again. I do like my bed, though. It's very comfy, however I sleep in it. This is a pose I call "puppy overflow".

In the afternoon the sun came out and I got to explore the garden more. Yesterday evening they took me to the garden first, to meet Zebedee there rather than "on his turf" indoors, but it was so cold that very soon they changed their mind and took us indoors. Anyway, here's me, sniffing the ground...

I do wonder about my new people, a little. One takes a lot of photos of me and the other one pulls my tail sometimes. If this kind thing carries on a lot, I may have to call the RSPCA.

So anyway, here's me taking an interest in what Zebedee is munching on.

But I decided to change my mind, play it cool and pretend that I wasn't interested what he was doing, really.

I don't reeeally have a bird feeder growing out of my head even if it looks like it here:

I have to say, Zebedee is quite cool about me trying to get his juicy twigs from him.

Not that he lets me have any that he's got hold of, but still.

Later on I realised that I can jump back indoors from the patio garden. It's not very a high jump, really. Oh, and they taught me to sit on command. It's a no-brainer, but I seemed to make them really pleased with themselves by sitting down when they gave me treats.

I still can't get on the sofa without help, though. I'm sure it won't take long before I can!

I have no idea where I'm supposed to go to the toilet. I heard her say a few times today that she's forgotten how she's supposed to teach me where to do it. I sure hope she will remember soon, as I haven't a clue what I'm supposed to do it at the moment. She interrupts me when I try to wee on the carpet, but where, then!? She takes me outside, but I can't wee in the patio garden as there is no grass there. What can I do?

Well, that's about it for today... I'm off to bed. See you tomorrow!

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