Monday, 31 May 2010

Want to know my new nickname?

This morning Zebedee was chewing an empty plastic bottle. I went straight in and tried to get it from him. No permissions asked!

He couldn't believe it!

See? He's still looking at our people in disbelief. He didn't think I'd have the courage! It's as if he's saying: "Do I really have to put up with this?"

He tried to bite me so that I'd give up.

Ha! Me? Give up? Don't think so, big bro!

You're just going to have to share it with me.

He did manage to take the bottle from me at the end. So I barked at him. And he acted all surprised!

Then we went out in the garden. Zebedee stole my new toy, so of course I tried to get it back.

Give it back!

This is a completely illegal move from Zebedee, don't you think?

But I don't give up that easily, I tell you.

OK, so Zebedee is much bigger than me, so he can actually throw me about by shaking the toy in the air. What a bully. I will show him one day! (When I'm big enough.) I will tell him he shouldn't go and steal little puppies' little toys like that.

So anyway, my new nickname? Tigger The Fearless! If I want something back from Zebedee, I'm going and getting it back. I don't care how big he is.

In the afternoon my people took me out for a car ride. I'm not sure about the car, really - it wasn't very comfortable to travel in it without my bed. It was interesting to see where Zebedee goes out for walks, though. In the woods! There were lots of woods and shrubs and Zebedee was running around sniffing all kinds of smells and seeing all kinds of things. I can't wait to go scampering outdoors with him. I have to wait for one month until it's safe for me to go out in the woods and parks. I'm going to get my first vaccination tomorrow and second three weeks after that, and 10 days after the second jab I can safely run around wherever I want without the fear of catching any illnesses.

Until then I will have to travel in the puppy bag...

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