Sunday, 30 May 2010


I had visitors today! Apart from my people's friends staying overnight for the past couple of nights, Zebedee's friend Ellen came over to meet me today! She was fun!

I played with Ellen outdoors, and indoors.

Notice the shoes on top of the keyboard. I really like carrying shoes around and sniffing and tasting them - well, OK, chewing them is the best... but they have started putting shoes out of my reach!

Zebedee barks at me sometimes, but today I thought I'd bark right back at him!

Take that! You're not the only one who can bark around here!

He was a bit surprised, I tell you!

I'm glad Zebedee is around, though, as he teaches me things I can do in the garden. Well, I just follow him around and 'watch and learn'. eating plants that are higher up.

Later in the day two men came to see me briefly. My people said to them that it is important for me to meet as many people and as many different kinds of people as possible in the first few months of my life, so that I get used to seeing all kinds of people and won't get surprised and intimidated by anyone when I get older. The men gave me kibble to eat and they were really nice!

Nights are not so bad any more. I still wake up every now and then and want to get out of my crate, but oh well, if they are not going to let me out during the night, I can always play with my toys a bit and then I fall asleep again pretty quickly.

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