Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Home

A couple of people came to visit today. They stayed quite a while talking and laughing and playing with me. They seemed like nice people. Then they took me into a car! I've never been in a thing like that before. But they had a really nice soft bed for me to travel in, and in fact, I slept most of the two hour journey. Well, I did want to go and see what the car looked like at the back, but they wouldn't let me so I went back to sleep.

Anyway, when we arrived at what appears to be my new home, there was a very friendly couple who came out to greet me on the street! They are the next door neighbours of my new people and they had been waiting for me to arrive all evening, and as soon as they saw our car park outside, they came out to say hello and pet me and tell me how cute I am. Nice people! ...although I was a little sleepy from the journey, so I don't remember much about them, really. I'm sure I'll see them again.

Then we went into my new home. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, first. For starters, there was this big dog in the house!

They kept the friendly but slightly boisterous dog mostly away from me (to be honest, he almost slapped me on my face once when he wanted to play with me) and gave me some food.

I got on the sofa to be a little higher up, and this dog Zebedee started staring at me.

He just stared while I was eating some more kibble.

I'm not quite sure if he is OK yet...

Well, actually, I did get a bit more confidence after a while. He's OK. He just plays a bit too rough with me, so I'm taking it a little easy with him.

After all the excitement I kind of fell asleep all of a sudden.

But not for long. After a little nap, I continued to explore my new home, sniffed Zebedee a bit more and let him sniff me, and played with some of Zebedee's toys. Apparently they are now my toys, too - although it's not Zebedee who said that; it's the people who said so. Zebedee didn't seem to mind too much.

Oh, by the way, my eyes are changing colour! They were blue two weeks ago, the last time these people took a photo of me, but today they are green! I wonder if they will keep changing colour every two weeks! (Who needs colour contacts, eh!)

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