Friday, 28 May 2010


Oh, I had an awful night! I cried so much!

I'd had so much fun with my new family all day yesterday that the night after it seemed to last forever! I didn't want to be on my own! I woke up many times during the night and I was lonely. When I woke at 5:30 again I couldn't go back to sleep. I cried and howled and whimpered but they didn't come to cuddle and comfort me. I finally fell asleep again and the next thing I knew was that the alarm went off and they came to wake me up. And then they cuddled me and talked to me and played with me. THEN I felt like I was the happiest puppy in the world! Finally I could be with them again! I was soooo happy that I ran right up to Zebedee and cuddled up to him close. Oh, it felt so good to be close to him! Zebedee was a little taken aback by my sudden burst of love, I admit. He looked like "Hey, I'm not THAT friendly with you yet" but he didn't shoo me away or anything. And my people played and laughed with me and everything was good again!

I spent much more time in the garden today.

It was a lovely day so I could sit and run and explore and do all kinds of things outdoors.

I tasted some plants.

...while Zebedee dissembled a free toy that had arrived with my food delivery.

It took him about two minutes to rip it into pieces. I secretly watched him so that I can do that, too, soon.

I learned to go up the stairs on my own today!

Walking down the stairs is really difficult, though. I need more practice.

Zebedee is letting me be close to him more.

But I still get the feeling that he prefers me to keep my distance a bit.

I really don't think I'm big enough to walk down the long flight of stairs yet. They look quite scary.

I like lying on top of things. Like these shoes that were on the floor.

This shoe was so comfortable as a bed that I fell asleep almost immediately.

Wonder what new things I will see and learn tomorrow!?

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