Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Jab day

Exciting and slightly worrying things are happening....

I went to the vet's today! Here I am in the waiting room. I didn't really know what I was in for.

The vet called us in, and the first thing he did was weigh me. I am 3.8 kg today.

Then he listened to my heart and checked that I have two.... errr.... I'm not so sure but he was feeling for something right behind my willie. Apparently I am perfectly normal.

Then he gave me a jab! It wasn't too bad - I hardly noticed it, to be honest.

Back at home I wanted to run away with a shoe, but unfortunately I was found out.

The vet said that I may be a bit drowsy after the vaccination, but I wasn't! I was as full of life as ever. But in the evening I did get tired and had to go to bed. Look, even my eyes were red, I was so tired.

I'll show you some of my sleeping poses. I do like my bed...

Until tomorrow - good night!

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