Monday, 7 June 2010

9 weeks old

I'm nine weeks old today! Imagine, just nine weeks in this world, and I already know so many things. One the the most amazing ones is that I can understand another species! Humans communicate by making sounds with their mouths. I understand what they mean when they say 'sit', 'come', my name, 'Tigger', of course, and then a boring word 'no'. Oh, and I have learned that my people are called Miles and Kati. Kati takes quite a lot of photos of me, which I found a little strange to begin with, but I'm used to it now... I just ignore her when she is taking photos of me, and I carry on as normal.

So. What to tell you today? Well, my eyes are still green... mostly. I think they may be turning brown next.

My people say that my nose is getting darker.

One of the things I've started to do is eat all kinds of things I find in the garden. Not just the plants, but packed soil, pieces of wood, etc. Anything, really. (I'm lucky there aren't any slugs in our garden, though, as they may carry disease.)

Zebedee always comes over to check out what I have, and tries to steal it from me.

There's a lot to explore in the garden even though it's not that big.

Well, I kind of follow Zebedee a lot, whether he is going in or out.

Oh, one of the things I have learned is what Zebedee's favourite chew toy is! This small Nylabone. Here I am pretending to be only slightly interested in it...

...and then, I tried to nick it!

See? Zebedee is really touchy about his favourite toy! He went completely mental.

Ha! It looks like he is yelling into my ear in this one!

Well, let's see. A few well orchestrated moves...

Aaaand I have Zebedee's toy bone! He was not happy, I can tell you.

He got it back and he thought he'd be safe upstairs...

...but I followed him.

I let Zebedee enjoy his bone for while.

...and then, I sneaked in from behind...

A little elbow manoeuvre...

"Give it to me!"


"Give.... it..... to.... me! Or I'll bite your ear!"

"Give it up!"

Haha, here Zebedee looks like a sea lion.

I joined in. Now we are like two sea lions.

"OK, enough of that. Now give me the bone."

...and so this goes on for quite a while...

I tried to hypnotise him.

...but he wasn't falling for my tricks as easily anymore.

I thought I'd try one more technique!

Pin that beast to the ground!

Well, anyway, you get the picture... I could go on for ages. We have fun together. At least I think it is fun. (Tee hee)

Next I went out to play with this:

An old piece of rope!

I love running around the garden playing with it.

The neighbours came out to say hello.

Our neighbour Cerberus (who doesn't have three heads) tries to say hello to Zebedee every time they are out in the garden at the same time.

But it's not so easy as Cerberus is quite old and not so supple any longer, and Zebedee is juuuust too small to reach the top of the fence.

Oh, I should tell you that I have managed to get on the sofa AND the bed on my own! Both are quite low, so my people let me get on them. I mustn't jump down from them, though, as my joints and bones are very delicate while I grow, and too big jumps might damage them and cause a lot of problems when I get older.

What else... I don't cry at all at night any more. At all. I know that everyone goes to sleep for the night and they come and let me go out for toilet once during the night, so that's that and I just go back to sleep and get up when they get up. I'm absolutely fine with this now.

Can't wait to see what new things I experience this week!


  1. What a lovely blog - Tigger is adorable! Z is great too!


  2. Two sea lions with a bone :-D hilarious!!!

    Thanks for this blog! Love it, even though it makes my puppy fever worse...


  3. Only just noticed these comments... thank you! I shall try and keep the diary going. :-)