Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pub crawl

Got your attention, right?

I wasn't on a pub crawl, silly.... I'm too young for that. But I did go to a pub today with Miles and Kati. And you know what? It was dead boring. As usual, I wasn't allowed on the floor, so in spite of all the interesting smells, I had to stay on Miles's lap. So, naturally, after a while I just got sleepy...

...and sleepier...


And then Miles and Kati got another pint of cider, and I carried on sleeping. Don't know what all the fuss is about pubs. Well, perhaps it'll be more fun when I can sniff around and go and meet people.

Back at home I was wide awake again. Zebedee noticed it, too.
(Just call me Tigger The Tornado.)

I can play nicely with Zebedee...

But not for long. 'Cause every now and then I need to show Zebedee that I'm no push-over. Grrrr. There! Take that!

I can pull a really scary face at Zebedee.

Although, I guess it'll be more scary when I have bigger teeth.

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