Saturday, 12 June 2010

BBQ party

I went to my first ever party today! It was at Kati's friend Naz's place. There were lots of people and quite a few small children, too.

Naz was really nice, but to be honest, I was more interested in what Miles had on his plate.

I got to explore the garden on my own while others were eating and drinking.

It was really exciting, as this was my first time on someone else's garden!

I learned pretty quickly that this man would always give me a treat when I went near him. I'm glad he didn't listen to Kati who asked him not to give any more treats. I had lots of yummy pastry!

Back at home we had a play with Zebedee, as usual.

If Zebedee is too rough with me, I make myself really small so that he wouldn't hurt me.

But I'm not really that small. Only in relation to others, I am.

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