Monday, 14 June 2010


Heeeey, another day, another adventure!

Well, first of all, not so much of an adventure as a fight over a leaf with Zebedee.

We always end up like this. Don't we look fierce?

Anyway, later I had a look from behind some other leaves and saw our neighbour Cerberus up in his window.

Isn't he cute? (He's about 10 times bigger than I am.)

I did do something new today in the garden: I thought I'd try and get on a flower pot.

Haha, it was fun, maybe I'll grow up faster now.

In the early evening Miles and Kati took me to the beach!

They found out that it's OK for me to go on the beach at low tide when the sea water has just washed it.

Lucky me!

Whoo-hoo! Watch me go!

I ran towards the sea...

...and - well, it was wet!

Zebedee was there, too, of course.

I dug a hole in the beach.

What fun it was! I ran back and forth so much that I was panting.

And that was when Miles and Kati decided that it was time to go, before I get too tired.

What an experience, though! Hope I can do it again soon.

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