Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Second jab

Today I went to the vet's again to get my second vaccination jab.

This time I knew what goes on at vet's, so I was relaxed and got a little sleepy while waiting, in fact.

As before, I was weighed first. 5.8 kg! Wow, I have put on 2 kg in three weeks.

Then it was time for the jab.

This time, I felt it. Not too bad, but not too pleasant, either.

I got a nice treat, though, for all my pain and suffering.

Mmm, yum.

On the way home we went to a pet shop and got me a collar and a lead! How do I look?

Also, on the way home, I threw up in the car again. The same thing happened three weeks ago when I got my first jab. Very unpleasant. In this picture you can see that my mouth is wet from puking.

They say that I will have to wear this collar thing all the time from now on. I don't see why, but I guess I don't have a say in that matter.

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