Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Boris and Barbara

This evening we all went to visit some friends. Let me introduce them:


and Barbara:

They are Irish Setters. Boris is two years old, and Barbara is four months old. We met in their garden. I was quite surprised that I was too shy to play with them!

(see little me at the top of the steps?)

But I did want to join them...

They just all seemed so big and fast so I kept my distance at first.

Barbara ran to greet me every now and then, but she was a little too much for me. She growled at me once and that scared me. I mean, I am completely used to Zebedee growling at me - I don't take any notice of that, but when someone I've never met before growls, that's another thing. I had to jump up on top of a flower pot a couple of times to run away from her (and to be as tall as her).

After a while I got used to Boris and Barbara more and went closer. They were all playing together and barking a lot. I plucked up the courage and barked at them once or twice, and then ran for cover behind Miles. They didn't take ANY notice of me.

The visit was fun mostly - I got to run around and explore the garden and the house, but it was a little overwhelming at times. What the people should have done first is restrain the big dogs and let me go to them on my own time, but it wasn't too bad. Now that I know what visiting other houses is like, next time I will have more confidence, I'm sure.

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