Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Meaning: today is the first day I'm allowed on the ground! First, Miles took me for a walk to the pillar box at the end of our street.

Was I ready to go out? Try and stop me!

Walking on the lead took some getting use to, though.

That's it, I'm almost there... just checking out what else there is to see around here...

On the way back I started to get hang of it.

Takes some concentration...

Add a little speed...

And that's it! I've mastered it!

That wasn't all, though. Later on Miles, Kati and Saana - Kati's niece who is visiting from Finland - dragged me into a forest!

A little awkward at first again...

...but as we got out in the open again, it was a lot easier.

I was let loose, and Miles ran away from me calling my name. I followed.

Miles gave me some treats.

And then he ran again. Weird! But kind of fun.

I guess it's some kind of game. Well, whatever, I'm game - especially as I get a lot of treats!

Miles and Saana started another game with me by sitting away from each other and calling me each in turn.

Every time I ran from one to another when they called me, I got a yummy piece of chicken!

I think it was great fun to be able to run around in a big space.

Soon they put me back on the lead, though, and it was time to go home. I was quite tired, so that was fine by me.

And you know what - I slept well after all that! What a day!

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