Wednesday, 2 June 2010

First week

So... I have been in my new family for one full week today. It's been mostly fun! The nights got a lot of getting used to, but I do enjoy being with my new people - and Zebedee, too, when he doesn't bully me. I do actually miss him during the night, and every morning when I see him again, I'm full of love and kisses.

I'm not nick-named Tigger The Fearless for nothing, though. I can be playing nicely with Zed... and then all of a sudden, I run away with his toy/treasure! Ha!

Sometimes we end up having a fight.

Can you see my face in this? I'm going "GRRRR!"

This, by the way, is a fun piece of garment that was disregarded by my people and recycled as a dog tuggie toy.

Sometimes I pretend that I'm a real tiger and ambush flies from behind the plants.

Here, though, I'm hiding from Zebedee!

Did you see me?

We do do some things together in prefect harmony in the garden... like chew on this particularly yummy plant.

Well, nothing much new happened today in my world, really, apart one thing in the evening. It was the day to put out the recycling, so my people flattened some cardboard boxes for the collection next morning. I thought I'd help them out with my own recycling service.

They didn't seem to appreciate it much.

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